About Decaneas Archive

Decaneas Archive, is the ‘doing business as’ name for Panopticon, Inc.
The high quality custom photo imaging lab and photo gallery founded in 1971 by Tony Decaneas, was sold in 2007 to Paul Sneyd who had served as darkroom manager at Panopticon, Inc. for more than 15 years. The imaging lab continues to operate in Rockland, MA doing business as Panopticon Imaging.

Panopticon Gallery was sold in 2010 and then resold to Paul Sneyd in 2017 reuniting the imaging lab and gallery. The gallery continues to operate at Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square in Boston Massachusetts.

Decaneas Archive serves as exclusive sales agent for its personal collection of Bradford Washburn and Ernest C. Withers signed photographs. It also serves as exclusive North and South American sales and licensing agent for Vittorio Sella. Decaneas Archive serves as representing agent for the photographers Harold Feinstein, Tony Decaneas, Mark Sandrof as well as for numerous historical archives including: The Boston Public Library, Historic New England and the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Decaneas Archive served as exclusive agent for Bradford Washburn beginning in 1989, and then for the Bradford Washburn Estate from 2007 until 2016, and until 2019 for the Boston Museum of Science. Tony Decaneas, owner of Panopticon, Inc. dba Decaneas Archive donated his personal Bradford Washburn Legacy Collection to the Boston Museum of Science in 2019.

Decaneas Archive served as exclusive agent for Ernest C. Withers, and for the Ernest C. Withers Family Trust, from 1990 through 2010 and working with Ernest C. Withers, oversaw the production of the only signed archival silver gelatin prints made by this extraordinary photographer. Decaneas Archive continues to offer prints for sale from its collection of these original signed photographic prints.